Classic Coin Company

We actively buy and sell all US coins and paper money, world coins and currency, and gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We also buy US and world militia, along with stamps, post cards, and exonumia of all kinds.

At Classic Coin Company of Port Charlotte, we have a great inventory of silver coins, including rare silver dollars, rare silver quarters, rare silver dimes, rare silver eagles, nickles, silver certificates and much more.

If it fits through the front door, we'll make you an offer

Rare coin prices can vary greatly depending on how rare the coins are as well as the type and weight. An ounce of gold coin can be worth about 50 times a silver coin. Coin collecting is a fun and sometimes very profitable hobby.

If you want to sell old currency, US or Foreign, there are many wholesalers, rare coin dealers and buyers that are out ther to choose from, but be careful. Always make sure you are dealing with a reputable organization when buying or selling coins or rare currency.

Why sell your silver or gold for cash? People sell their old gold or silver coins for cash for a variety of reasons. Some inherit the coins, others are tired of sitting on them for so long, while others might just need the money to pay bills. Prices can fluctuate day to day, so check back often to get the latest gold and silver spot prices.

"...very fair with their prices… very knowledgeable and honest… best place I have found in the Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port area… huge variety of Silver coins, gold coins, currency, silver morgans, walking liberty and much more.‎"

- Salvatore