Here are just a few coin care and currency care tips we've learned over the years for properly taking care of your coin and currency investment.

  1. Do not clean coins and do not iron or wash paper money.

    Doing this could greatly devalue your collection. Most dealers and experienced collectors can spot this immediately.

  2. The safest place to store your collection is in a safety deposit box.

    I've met too many customers who have had their collections stolen from their home… some even had the thief take the entire safe!

  3. Most collections are stolen by people who know the victim.

    Relatives, friends, workers… tell no one what you have. It truly is no ones' business but your own.

  4. Coin storage is important.

    I have coins come in the store in jars, bags, boxes, books, beer steins, etc. This is okay for common, low-value items, but if you're going to keep the collection you might want to consider putting your coins in 2×2 cardboard holders.

    The 2×2 cardboard holders a very inexpensive and easy to use. All you need is a good stapler. You can also write on the 2×2 anything you wish – date, grade, what you paid, etc. I like these because the coins won't move inside a properly stapled 2×2.